Ages 4-5 (Pajaritos)

Ages 4-5 (Pajaritos)

The Pajaritos Class (Ages 4-5) program is designed to enhance children’s personal and academic skills. Our certified teachers foster learning in a child-centered environment allowing them to grow socially, emotionally, and academically through individual attention, small and large group teacher-directed activities.

Goals And Developmental Objectives
Language Literacy

We use the Estrellita Early Literacy Program to promote reading skills. It is a developmentally, appropriate curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation for early literacy development. It is a hands-on and fun curriculum where children engaged easily in the learning process within a series of songs and visual props for each letter according to the group age for which the program is presented to. It is based on current research that identifies critical pre-reading skills: oral development, phonological awareness, print awareness, and letter knowledge. This program develops phonemic awareness, pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Upon completion of this program, your child would have had many opportunities to become a self-confident learner and well-prepared for a full-day kindergarten program.

• Reading readiness skills (turning pages, reading from left to right)
• Identify the parts of a book-title, cover, author, and illustrations
• Identify uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters
• Identify phonemic sounds of alphabet letters
• Introduction of literacy concepts through read-aloud of student’s books, nursery rhymes, poetry, songs and finger plays
• Word of the week
• Identify sight words
• Sound out simple 2 – 4 letter words
• Write letters in the child’s name using the proper formation
• Write alphabet letters and words
• Recognize their own name and friends names
• Recognize print and connect it with spoken words
* During the last quarter of the school year, the student is reading basic four to six syllabus words. Each student is given a set of the Estrellita Books materials (different levels are presented according to the child’s level and reading proficiency)


• Concept of simple addition and subtraction
• Complete and create patterns
• Write numbers 0-10 and beyond
• Problem Solving
• Use ordinals terms: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
• Match numbers with objects
• Use standard and non-standard unit of measurement
• Use the concepts: more-less into every day conversation
• Use the clock and recognize the time (routines, schedule)

Art and Creative Expression

• Utilization of various arts and crafts materials
• Completing arts and crafts projects
• Ability to express oneself using various art techniques
• Listen and dance different types of music: jazz, classical, ethnic
• Explore instruments from different cultures
• Play with puppets showing multiculturalism and diversity
• Demonstrate an appreciation of one own characteristic and those of others and other’s cultures
• Manipulate a variety of Art material (scissors, crayons, pencil, markers, glue, paint, recyclable materials, etc.) to express oneself and creating new products
• Use 3-D material such as play dough, clay, and wood in their own way
• Make comments about their own and others creations displayed in the classroom

Social Studies

• Daily and Seasonal Weather Observations
• Community Helpers
• Growth of plants and insects
• Solar System
• Human Body
• Growing Healthy
• Animals and Hibernation


• Sort objects by:
• living and non-living things
• hard and soft
• floating and sinking
• solid, liquid, gaseous, melted
• Collect, observe, classify, describe by the use of their five senses
• Name parts of the body and organs that make us be alive
• Identify changes that occur during the seasons
• Identify the characteristics of the planets and sky
• Use simple tools and materials for experiments

Culture and Diversity Appreciation

We integrate culture and appreciation of each other background into our curriculum through dramatic play, classroom activities, and family events. Recognizing actively appreciating our community’s rich diversity by having class discussions and inviting families to show/tell and share traditions.