At Welcome Amigos we cultivate language, social skills, and a love for learning. As a teacher, you will work under the close supervision of the school director.


It is a joy to be committed to our passion: Teaching children in Spanish in a nurturing environment that is tailored to their unique needs.
Our native Spanish teachers hold degrees in Education and Early Childhood Development. They have a passionate commitment to the intellectual and social development of each child. The Welcome Amigos staff has developed a rich and dynamic curriculum tailored specifically to a young child’s ability to learn Spanish in a context of full language immersion.

Welcome Amigos International School

recognizes that having an educated, well-trained staff is essential to quality care and education for children. In addition, it is highly important that teachers have the ability to stay current and utilize the most up to date information in the education of young children. Therefore, the school supports professional and personal growth and development of teachers in the education in the ECE (Early Childhood Education) field, bilingual education and social/emotional development through seminars, workshops, and classes at local community colleges and institutions that educate teachers in different areas of education and children. Furthermore, teachers are required to do a minimum of 18 hours of professional growth relevant to pedagogy practices during the school year.

Teacher’s Qualifications

– Posses AA or Bachelor’s degree in either Education and/or ECE (Child Development-Early Childhood Education) and a minimum of one year experience OR
– Had experience teaching in a Spanish speaking country and willing to enroll in ECE classes at a local community college or take online courses.

Teachers Personal Characteristics:

Reliable, dedicated, leaders, creative, kind, playful, patience, responsible and committed.

Teacher Aid Qualificatios:

– Have 6 units and a minimum of one year experience and agree to complete 6 additional units in 2 semesters following date of hire Teacher Aide: Range $14-$18/hr

Duties and responsibilities of Teacher Aid:

– Supervise and insure the well-being of the children at all times, being alert for the needs and/or problems of the children as individuals and as a group.

  • Assist assigned teacher in any way possible, which may include but not be limited to:
  • Implementing planned curriculum in detail for assigned classes;
  • Decorate the room with bulletin boards, pictures, children’s artwork, homework, and classroom decorations and organization
  • Prepare snacks and interact with children while they eat. Supervise children when napping
  • keep classroom, storage rooms, and bathrooms neat, clean, and orderly.
  • Aides are encouraged to attend local in-service workshops.
  • May assume temporary responsibilities of teacher in his/her absence.
  • Be familiar with and follow all school mission and philosophy.
  • Report to Director any cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.
  • Report to Director any special needs or problems of individual children
  • Attend regular staff planning and evaluation meetings
  • Light cleaning duties including washing dishes and materials and sweeping floors.
  • -This position is non-exempt.

Teacher: Range $17-$24/hr
$17-24: ECE Teacher Permit in progress(more than 16 ECE units)
$16-20: ECE Teacher Permit

Duties and responsibilities of Teacher:
  • Exhibit enthusiasm for teaching in order to foster students’ love of learning.
  • Care about students in and out of the classroom.
  • Work with each student to optimize the learning experience.
  • Assess students on a quarterly basis
  • Create an on-going observations of your students
  • Develop strategies to meet individual student’s needs.
  • Partner with parents to provide seamless support for students between home and school.
  • Model self-discipline and ethical behavior.
  • Supports and facilitates full inclusion of all children in the child-care setting.
  • Develop and deliver curriculum to fulfill the mission and philosophy of the school.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure coherence of the program.
  • Work collaboratively with administrators.
  • Share your ideas and suggestions to other staff members and supervisor.
  • Participate in Faculty meetings.
  • Participate fully in the school community activities.
  • Be committed to professional development and ongoing learning.
  • Be open to changes and improvements as needed.
  • Designs, creates and maintains a predictable, yet flexible environment.
  • Provides a social and emotional climate-which supports positive self-esteem for all staff.
  • Promote and enhances the child’s and families’ participation in all program events.
  • Provides information about community resources to parents and staff.
  • Ensures that all program policies and procedures follow the NAEYC professional code of ethics.
  • Communicates effectively in speech and in writing.
  • Examines and evaluates how ones own leadership and performance styles impacts the culture of the organization and the children and families served an how it differs from leadership styles in various cultures.

If you are a good candidate for our program and are interested in the possibility of joining our team, please send your resumé to:info@welcomeamigos.com.