Summer Camp

Children are divided into four groups:
Preschool Ages 2-3, 3.5-4, 4-6, 1st-3rd Grades

Camp Location
Hamlet Site: Ages 2 – 3
Alameda Site: Ages 3.5 and above

Our Students-Teacher Ratio is as follows:
Preschool Students ages 3 1/2 – 5 -Teachers Ratio: 6:1
Ages 2-3 – Teacher Ratio: 4:1 and K – 3rd Grade Students-Teacher Ratio: 8 – 1

We warmly invite the community to join us for the 2019 Welcome Amigos Summer Camp. Jump in on a week-by-week basis or for all 12 weeks. On this learning journey your child will:
• Develop Spanish verbal communication and reading skills
• Learn about and gain appreciation of other cultures
• Discover new ways to be creative and express themselves
• Create strategies for active exploration, thinking, and reasoning

Our theme this year will be taking a trip around the world. Campers learn the Spanish language by being immersed in the music, dance, art, and cooking of a country. They will learn about our world’s natural environments as we explore the globe. As the summer progresses, students will even conduct science experiments and work on their storytelling skills. This memorable summer will be a tale for them to tell!

Session 1: June 3-7 Vamos de Viaje! (Let’s go on a Trip!)
!Vamos de viaje! We start off the summer’s exploration of the world with the sensation of going wheels up—to the airport we go! We will learn about the continents of the world. We learn what a traveler should bring with them on each type of trip depending on if they are going to a city, a beach, hiking, or to the mountains. As a class, we will make a cardboard airplane to experiment with. The children will work through all the questions of what makes a traveler’s experience exciting and fun!

Session 2: June 10 -14 Música, Arte, y Cocina en Latinoamérica (Music, Art, and Cooking in Latin America)
!Vamos a mover el cuerpo! We learn about Latin America’s richest traditions through music, dance, art, and cooking. We will make traditional foods, listen to regional music, and learn traditional folk dances. Chef friends will visit us from México, Guatemala, and Bolivia to be our guests this week. We end the week by eating lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and ordering en Español!

Session 3: June 17 – 21 De Paseo por la Selva (A Trip to the Rainforest)
¿Están listos? Put on your hiking boots, dress up as a rainforest explorer, and grab your binoculars because we are taking a journey through la selva tropical to learn about the marvelous and colorful animals of the rainforest using music, art, and dramatic skits. Spiders, howler monkeys, jaguars, pumas, and toucans are just a few of the animals we will learn about this week.

Session 4: June 24-28 Ciencia Medioambiental (Environmental Science)
!Que divertido es la ciencia! This week we are going to be environmental scientists making our way through volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, and plants. Campers will get their hands dirty, making river and waterfall models, using sand, rocks, and water. Tactile and motor skills wrapped in fun science! (Which, of course, includes the famous volcano model.) The trip for the week will be a nature walk in the park.

Session 5: July 1-3 Debajo del Mar (Under the Sea)
*No class July 4th and 5th
¿Quieres busear? We are diving under the sea to learn about marine life through hands-on activities with water, imaginative skits, and fun learning music. We dress up as sea creatures and play fun games, like musical chairs and hide-and-seek under the sea. Our play will be robust–matching the teeming myriad of sea life we’re learning about!

Session 6: July 8 – 12 Gimnasia y Concurso de Talentos (Gymnastics and Talent Shows)
!Integrate! Let’s put together a talent show and get ready for some fun. We know how much children like to take control of their own play. Using each student’s ideas and creativity, they perform shows for each other. Gymnastics are part of their daily fun activities. All while practicing and learning Español!

Session 7: July 15 – 19 Cocina Multicultural (Multicultural Cooking)
¿Tienes hambre? Come and learn about what makes food such an important part of a culture. We work together to put together meals from different parts of the world like sushi, pasta, smoothies, and fruit salads. !Que delicioso!

Session 8: July 22 – 26 Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action)
!Seamos científicos creativos! We start the week building a cardboard boat using recycled materials (and imagination). Then, we learn about what glaciers and tsunamis are. We’ll even make “glacier goo” that simulates the movement of a glacier!

Session 9: July 29 – August 2 Ciencia, Matemáticas, y Tecnología (STEM)
!Somos ingenieros! This week we build a base of knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math. Campers learn about what pyramids look like, why they were built, and how to use/make simple machines like pulleys, levers, and ramps. Students will also make their own pyramid models and learn about traps and mazes all. Foundational STEM learning tools en Español!

Session 10: August 5 – 9 Literatura, Rimas, y Adivinanzas (Literature, Rhymes,and Riddles)
!Que divertido es leer! Reading is so much fun! Using the Estrellita Literacy Curriculum, we use a phonics-based strategy that is developmentally appropriate and fun for children. We tell stories, rhymes, riddles, cheers, and games designed to develop and foster phonemic awareness.

Session 11: August 12 – 16 Deportes en Español (Sports in Spanish)
!Vamos Equipo Vamos!!GOOOOOOAL! (Are you reading that in an announcer’s voice?) Let’s go team! Join us for some fun while we play soccer, tee-ball, and go bowling. In addition to playing sports, students develop their Spanish vocabulary skills through cheers, rhymes, and riddles.

Session 12: August 19 – 23 Viajando al Espacio (Travel to Space)
!Viajamos al espacio! The adventure continues! Earth is even more marvelous within context. We end the summer by becoming astronauts and traveling to outer space to learn about planets, the moon, asteroids, and constellations. Campers will have the opportunity to try space food, like astronaut ice cream!

15% Discount Applicable to Full Day & Extended Day Schedule:
There is 15% discount applicable for the Full or Extended day program if you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks by April 1st!

10% Discount Applicable to Half-Day Program Schedule:
There is 10% discount applicable for the half-day program if you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks by April 1st!

Weekly Session Fee

Current School Year
Half Day Session
8:00 – 12:30 or 1:00 – 5:30
Full Day Session
8:00 – 3:00
Extended Day
8:00 – 5:30
Preschool Ages 2 – 3$420$540$680
TK & Kindergarten Ages 4 – 6$390$510$650
1st to 3rd Grades$390$510$650

Admission Policy
Payment Due:
Your full tuition is due within seven business days upon enrollment.
Updating your Camp Schedule: If you need to make any changes to your camp schedule, we accommodate your request if space allows.

Session 5:
Fee is prorated based on the weekly session fee (this is a three days session vs. five).

Late pick up fee:
There is a $5 late pickup fee for every five minutes that your child is picked up after his/her scheduled pickup time.

Financial Aid:
Welcome Amigos offers a discounted rate to families who require financial assistance and demonstrate financial need based on financial information that families are required to submit in conjunction with a request for tuition assistance. Priority is given to early applicants. To inquire about financial aid please fill out the financial aid application  here