After school

Welcome Amigos After School Spanish classes offer students a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish in a relaxed, inviting setting. Children ages 3 1/2 – 10 are placed in classes according to their age and abilities. We incorporate themes of inquiry, investigation, and children’s interests with the teacher’s guidance while establishing a natural flow of conversation and use of language. In addition, the classes emphasize age-appropriate grammar according to the student’s age and skill level, and language proficiency.

Children have the opportunity to experiment with real-life scenarios. We use various tools to generate dialogs with our students. And of course, all conversation and instruction are in Spanish. Overall, we want to offer children the opportunity to enjoy learning the Spanish language while experiencing multiple skills to enhance their learning, confidence, self-esteem, imagination, cognitive development, and academic abilities.

Ages 2 – 3 Hamlet Site & 3.5-5 Alameda Site
Monday Yoga & Talents Shows en Español
Tuesday Estrellita Literature, Cheers and Stories en Español
Wednesday Gymnastics & Art en Español
Thursday Science & Math en Español
Friday Lego Lab and Cooking en Español


Ages 6-10 Alameda Site
January 2019 Ciencia de Invierno, Hibernación, Formación de Oraciones con verbos en tiempo Presente (Winter Science, Hibernation and building sentences with regular verbs in present tense)
February 2019 Profesiones, Lugares, Adjetivos, Qué me gusta hacer con mis amigos?, artículos definidos e indefinidos (Professions, Places, Adjetives, What do I like to do with friends?, articles)
March 2019 Aprecio Multicultural, Cocina Multicultural, Cómo cuidamos el Planeta Tierra (Multicultural culture and cooking, how do we take care of earth?)
April 2019 Lectura y Comprensión de Historia, Formando Oraciones, Actuación y Drama (Reading comprehension exercises, building sentence structure with the given vocabulary, acting, and skits
May 2019 Lugares y Animales en el Mundo, Medio de Transporte, Seguridad cuando viajamos, Qué debo llevar en mi maleta? (Places and Animals around the world, transportation, travel safe, what do I need to pack when I travel)

We provide monthly highlights to inform parents of the vocabulary, questions, and book pages we worked on in class via e-mail.

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