We at Welcome Amigos value our community both within the walls of our school and beyond. We believe that learning about the world around them is essential to a child’s education and are committed to instilling the value of giving back in each of our students. In an effort to include Welcome Amigos families in our community outreach efforts, we have created this new addition to the website. It is both an opportunity to learn about what we do and for our families to contribute if they wish. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Siembra Amor (Planting Love)

Welcome Amigos is committed to helping the community in need locally and abroad (Guatemala, Nicaragua and México).

How do we give back?
2.5% of every $1 we earn is given back to the community in the following areas:

– We created  Siembra Amor based on our strong belief that charitable organizations are most successful when they work in collaboration and consultation with the communities being served.

Siembra Amor‘s mission is to provide children in need with the tools they need to learn and succeed in school. For families struggling with poverty, providing their children with school supplies, clothing, food, toys, and educational resources can make all the different.  

– Enrich children’s lives, foster self-esteem and create opportunities for success. We create partnerships with local charities and communities as an act of solidarity and to foster sustainability. We recognize the importance of understanding the local challenges before intervening, which is why we work closely with our partner organizations and local leaders every step of the way. 

– We make monthly trips to feed the homeless in SF and at various shelters serving women & children and men. Each month we provide food to about 100 individuals (depending on donation). In addition every quarter we donate hygiene items (toothbrushes and tooth paste, feminine products, soap, shampoo, and deodorant).  Occasionally, when donations allow, we provide used clothing, socks, bibles, blankets and coloring books and toys to kids, especially during holidays.  

Missionary Work in Guatemala, Nicaragua and México

The Founder of Welcome Amigos, Mrs. Villagomez works with a group of volunteers to directly serve orphanages, homeless and rural communities in and outside of Mexico City. On these trips we provide blankets, toiletries, water, food and clothing. 


If you wish to help any of the projects mentioned, here are some ways you can donate:
– Provide one of the following items for the homeless in San Francisco:
* Hygiene products: toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. once every quarter
* Snacks by the last Friday of each month for Guerreros de Amor y Misericordia. We deliver food and snacks on the first Monday of every moth.
* Cash donation to help support our efforts locally and abroad (Guatemala, Nicaragua and México). We will send you pictures and a description of how your money was used. We have different projects every month.

Donate by clicking here:

If you wish to donate by giving items other than $, please tell us what you wish to donate (We will contact you to set up the time to either pick up the items from your home or drop them off to the school if you prefer):