1.Arrival And Departure Of Children

Other than parents or legal guardian, only persons with prior written authorization (as provided in the Parent Consent Form) will be allowed to pick up a child from the school. Anyone who is unfamiliar to teaching staff, including authorized individuals, will be asked to present photo identification before a child is released to them.

In the interest of students’ safety, parents/guardians/authorized individuals are requested to report directly to the program director or site supervisor when picking up their child. Likewise, when a student returns to the building following an absence during the school day, the adult should sign the child in.

After all children have arrived, your child’s teacher records attendance for the day. Throughout the day each time children transition from one location to another (e.g., classroom to outdoors), the teacher is be responsible for counting the number of children to confirm the safe whereabouts of every child at all times.


Students are expected to be in school for the full session during their school day. They are expected to be punctual in their arrival and departure. Students are not expected to be absent any more than is necessary for health reasons or appointments. Irregular attendance interferes with the progress of your child and others as teachers find themselves taking class time to repeat information and make adjustments for those students who have been absent. if your child will be picked up early on the same day or if he/she will be picked up by a different care giver, let us know by writing down in the communication book. If your child needs to be absent for any reason, please call to let us know no later than 9:00 A.M. or. It is important for the school to document why a child is absent from school. This helps us to identify illnesses that might need to be communicated home to you. For safety’s sake, if a student is absent without notification, the program director or site supervisor will contact the family to verify the child’s absence from school.