Health And Safety

Health And Safety
1.Aids and HIV+

Parents enrolling a child who is HIV+ are not required to tell the Director. However, they may wish to do so, to assist the preschool in monitoring the child’s health and to allow the Director to give emotional support. Families involved in this tragic illness deserve our support.

2.Administration of Medicine (Medication Policies and Procedures)

Staff will administer medication only if the parent has signed permission for them to do so. You must fill out the Medication form (Section 13 – 13.3) and give the medication to your child’s teacher. Do not leave medication in your child’s bag or locker.

Safeguards are used with all medications for children:

  • Staff administer both prescription and over-the-counter medications to a child only if the child’s record documents that the parent or legal guardian has given the program written permission.
  • The child’s record includes instructions from the licensed health provider who has prescribed or recommended medication for that child; alternatively, the licensed health provider’s office may give instructions by telephone to the school staff.
  • Any administrator or teaching staff who administers medication has (a) specific training and (b) a written performance evaluation updated annually by a health professional on the practice of the five right practices of medication administration: (1) verifying that the right child receives the (2) right medication (3) in the right dose (4) at the right time (5) by the right method with documentation of each right each time the medication is given. The person giving the medication signs documentation of items (1) through (5) above. Teaching staff who are required to administer special medical procedures have demonstrated to a health professional that they are competent in the procedures and are guided in writing about how to perform the procedure by the prescribing health care provider.
  • Medications are labeled with the child’s first and last names, the date that either the prescription was filled or the recommendation was obtained from the child’s licensed health care provider, the name of the licensed health care provider, the expiration date of the medication or the period of use of the medication, the manufacturer’s instructions or the original prescription label that details the name and strength of the medication, and instructions on how to administer and store it.
  • All medications are kept in a locked container.