1.Back to School Orientation

We have a back to school night annually where we go over important school practices     mention our parent handbook, school year goals, and answer any questions parents     may have.  Please refer to our school calendar for dates.

Please make sure to bring the following items on the day of the back to school orientation day. We should have all the items below by the first day of school.  These items should ALL be LABELED.

  • 4×6 index card with the child’s name and emergency contact information clearly written
  • 8 copies of a 2.5” x 3.5” picture
  • 1 pair of comfortable pants
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 2 pairs of underwear
  • 1 family picture

If your child is not potty trained please also include the following items:

  • A box of diapers or pull-ups
  • A box of wipes

These items will be placed in the children’s box and use as needed and/or in case your child has any bathroom emergencies. If your child does use any of the items in their box, we’ll make sure to tell you the same day so you can replace them promptly.

Please LABEL EVERTHING your child plans on wearing, bringing or using at school (lunchbox, jacket, water bottles, socks, etc.)

2.Family Events

We celebrate a variety of holidays in a meaningful way for children:

            10.2.a En Familia Get-Together
            This event is planned at the beginning of the school year at a restaurant, park, or a host family.             The idea is to welcome new families and get together as a community.

            10.2.b Picture Day
            A photographer comes to school to take individual and group pictures of all the    students. Parents are notified in advance when the picture day is scheduled.
            10.2.c Club Café 
Welcome Amigos International School invites parents to join our “Club Café” on a            Wednesday of every month. As a supportive and collaborative community, our desire is   to build trust and enthusiastic to bring any questions and comments regarding the school practices, upcoming events, curriculum and volunteering opportunities. We use             our topics of discussion to consider the staff and families with opportunities to assist in         making decision to the program (for improvement or changes of a given subject) or        simply to get together as a friendly community to have fun enjoying each other’s           company. Details on each Club Café meetings are sent out to parents via e-mail.