1.El Himno de Welcome Amigos

Welcome Amigos me enseña a descubrir mis talentos. A alcanzar mi potencial y expresar mis sentimientos. Con guía, respeto, y comprensión, crece my conocimiento en el idioma Español. Aprendo a ser amable y a escuchar a cada amigo ¡Qué gran regalo llevaré siempre conmigo! Gracias Welcome Amigos por el gran fundamento Esto en mi vida, siempre lo llevaré contento.

The School Pledge
Welcome Amigos teaches me to discover my talents, to reach my potential and to express my feelings. With guide, respect, and understanding, my knowledge of the Spanish language grows. I learn to be kind and to listen to my friends. What a gift I will always have with me! Thank you Welcome Amigos for the great foundation I will always happily have.


Welcome to Welcome Amigos International School. We feel honored and pleased that you have chosen to enroll your child at our school. We look forward to providing him/her with a positive learning experience while enjoying exposure to the Spanish language in a welcoming, nurturing, loving atmosphere filled with engaging activities.

Close communication between parents and teachers is essential for the progress and protection of the children. In this handbook you will find our school regulations, rules and policies.


Welcome Amigos International School is licensed by the state of California. In addition, we are an accredited school by The National Association for the Education of Young Children.  The standards and criteria held by the Association are separated into ten categories, known as the 10 Standards of Excellence, as described below:

  • Relationships
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching
  • Assessment of Child Progress
  • Health
  • Teachers
  • Families
  • Community Relationships
  • Physical Environment
  • Leadership and Management


Elizabeth Villagomez, founder of Welcome Amigos, grew up in Mexico City and came to California in 1992. In 1998, Elizabeth wanted to find a joyful career that allowed her to spend time with her infant daughter. She began tutoring high school students and adults. Before long, Elizabeth has independently brought the Welcome Amigos Spanish Immersion program to several bay area recreational centers and preschools. In addition, Elizabeth also worked at The Nueva School during 2004-2006 as a Spanish teacher for elementary school age children from K-5th grades.

Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Cañada College as well as a Children Development Teacher Permit and Site Supervisor Permit from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Furthermore, she has extensive training in social emotional and cognitive development from the Northeast Foundation and the Responsive Classroom Approach. In addition, she has taken online courses for her Master’s degree on Human Development from Pacific Oaks College with Emphasis on Leadership and Community since Spring 2014. Furthermore, Elizabeth remains active in the field of Education by taking courses that increase her professional growth in educational institutions.

Elizabeth’s strong attachment to her family, Hispanic traditions and culture and her ability to speak naturally to children in Spanish, led to her dream of creating a Spanish Immersion school with a special environment. Welcome Amigos officially opened its doors in 1998. Elizabeth explains:

“Being in this career is the best experience of my life, besides having my own children. It’s a joy to teach children in my native language, recognize them as individuals, and be a testimonial for their personal and academic growth while giving them the gift of a second language that will open their world to many opportunities.”


Welcome Amigos International School helps children develop a lifelong love for learning, and become fully bilingual.


We offer a Spanish immersion environment in which children feel welcomed, loved, and respected as they build appreciation and cultural awareness for each other. We strongly believe that each child is unique and possesses individual interests. Therefore, we encourage and inspire each one to fulfill his/her potential.


Our native Spanish teachers hold degrees in Education and Early Childhood Development. They have a passionate commitment to the intellectual and social development of each child. The Welcome Amigos staff has developed a rich and dynamic curriculum tailored specifically to a young child’s ability to learn Spanish in a context of full language immersion.