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“My daughter mastered Spanish at Welcome Amigos, without coming from a native Spanish speaking home.”

Kate’s dad

“Everyone at Welcome Amigos treats the kids as though they are their own and kids obviously sense it and love coming here.”

Sofia’s Mom

“Welcome Amigos School goes far beyond just trying to teach kids Spanish. The school looks at all of the aspects of your child’s development and tries to improve on all of them.”

Erica’s Dad

“Not only did Andrew excel in learning Spanish, he has also tremendously improved his social and interaction skills because of the amazing work of his teachers.”

Andrew’s Dad

“I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful program Welcome Amigos is. It is the best because the class size are small, the teachers are very loving and nurturing and they are all accredited which does make a difference, very clean environment and it is totally immersion.”

Spencer’ mom

“My daughter has quickly and effortlessly become fluent in Spanish with individual attention that is only possible due to a very low student/teacher ratio. I can’t say enough good things about Welcome Amigos; my daughter and I are extremely fortunate to be a part of it.”

Reina’s mom

“The teachers all seem to care about the children’s progress. We appreciate that after each class you take the time to tell the parents what is being taught. This way, we can be more active in our children’s learning. We thank the Welcome Amigos wonderful staff for all your effort and time.”

Jonathan’s mom

“In addition to learning Spanish, my daughter is receiving a top quality preschool education, even by Bay Area standards. The curriculum is very well planned, thorough, and developmentally appropriate. The instructors are always available after class and frequently provide feedback on our daughter’s learning and activities.”

Kate’s dad

“There are VERY FEW pre-schools in the area doing what you all do. It is apparent in a real way that you are truly loving what you do and the children feel that. You bring the creativity, joy, warmth and enthusiasm for children and their learning process that you all do.”

Giselle and Marco’s mom


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