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We have a series of positions throughout the school year where parents can contribute. Most volunteering opportunities require 1 - 3 hours depending on the number of parents helping out.

Class Parents Participation:
Teachers and administrators use a variety of formal and informal ways to become acquainted with and learn from families about their family structure and their preferred means of child-rearing practices and communication; and information about their socioeconomic, linguistic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds as they wish to share. Families are surveyed through enrollment questionnaires at the beginning of the school year regarding their family, beliefs, and culture.

Families are invited to share some of parents talents in their child’s class through activities such as: reading or storytelling, cooking, art, music, sewing, crafts, sharing hobbies, profession, or artifacts from family trips. We welcome parents, grandparents, or friends come as our guests into our classroom and teach about their culture and traditions.


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