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Family Events

To expand learning beyond the school environment, we bring students and their families together for social and cultural events, field trips, sing-along presentations, informal meetings and holiday celebrationsevents throughout the school year. We believe that the commitment and active participation of parents in their children’s learning process are fundamental for students to achieve their objectives. Therefore we encourage parents to be involved in many activities that promote family integration.

Family events include:

  • En Familia Get Together (prior to the beginning of the school year)
  • Back to school orientation day
  • Family fieldtrips
  • Picture day
  • Teacher appreciation day
  • Parent appreciation day
  • Grandparents’ day
  • Club Café

Parties/Multicultural and Holidays Celebrations such as:

  • Halloween parade
  • Thanksgiving feast
  • Winter Season Celebration
  • Valentine’s day
  • El día de los niños (Children’s day)
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • End of the School Year Party
  • In class guests to teach cultural activities with the children


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