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Transitional Kindergarten(Pajaritos)

The TK program is designed to enhance children’s personal and academic skills. Our certified teachers foster learning in a child-centered environment allowing them to grow socially, emotionally, and academically through individual attention, small and large group teacher-directed activities.

Literacy interaction promotes pre-reading skills, observation, and prediction. The Pajaritos class is introduced to an accelerated reading and writing component presented by a visual, hands-on material called, “Estrellita”. Reading-writing connections are enhanced as the children gain new opportunities to use letters and language. Additional experiences are promoted to develop and strengthen numerical concepts, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Cross-curriculum units provide relevant learning opportunities in science, social studies and math. Projects and writing continue to advance motor skills and self-expression. Upon completion of this program, your child would have had many opportunities to become a self-confident learner and well-prepared for a full-day kindergarten program.


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