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Abejitas (2.5 – 3 year-old)

The Abejitas program introduces our young children to their first preschool experience, to a social world of sharing, exploring, discovering, and many learning opportunities. Our 2.5-3 Year-Old curriculum centers on engaging small-group learning opportunities through real life and hands-on experiences while providing them with the early fundamentals they will need as they continue the following years.

Colibríes (3 – 4 year-old)

The Colibríes program begins a new journey of social development along all developmental areas such as language, fine/gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. We foster children’s sense of self and enjoyment through all class activities. Our goal is to create security, high confidence, and love of learning in your child’s early precious years. Our certified teachers know how important and critical preschool years are. Our deep desire is to implement a solid foundation for children that will carry on throughout their lives.

Language Literacy

We use the "Estrellita" Early Literacy Program to promote reading skills. It is a developmentally, appropriate curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation for early literacy development in preschool and kindergarten children. It is a hands on and fun curriculum where children engaged easily in the learning process within a series of songs and visual props for each letter according to the group age for which the program its presented to. It is based on current research that identifies critical pre-reading skills: oral development, phonological awareness, print awareness, and letter knowledge. This program develops the phonemic awareness, pre-reading and pre-writing skills needed to smoothly transition to the Estrellita K-1 program.

Learn more about our Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum: http://welcomeamigos.com/academics/curriculum/preschool


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