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The Kindergarten is a dual immersion kindergarten program. We follow the 90:10 model where students receive instruction 90% of the time in Spanish and 10% in English. That said our kindergartners receive one hour of English every day.

Our Kindergarten program is designed to address both sides of the social/academic divide. It is a program that balances all kinds of diverse needs. Kindergarten is when a "little kid" becomes a "big kid." It is a transitional bridge between early childhood education and elementary school, and a foundation for social and academic skill development and for later school success. Through skillful environmental design, a well-rounded curriculum, and attention to the particular needs of the children each day, our experienced educators are responsive to the needs of children in the given class, guided by planned curriculum and knowledge of development. At Welcome Amigos, we will work with your child with utmost commitment for his/her success in our kindergarten child-centered approach to learning.

The Estrellita K-1 Reading Program is a Spanish Reading curriculum that is designed to effectively teach children how to read in Spanish.

Lessons include direct phonics instruction coupled with opportunities to engage in multi-sensory activities. The Estrellita K-1 program efficiently breaks down the complex process of reading into manageable allowing students to rapidly achieve success one step at a time. The program is structured, systematic, cumulative, and entertaining. Lessons include direct phonics instruction coupled with opportunities to engage in multi-sensory activities.

The main components of the program are Beginning Sounds, Blending, and Writing. The Beginning Sounds are taught using "Sonidos Iniciales". Students quickly learn all the initial sounds through a picture-to-sound chanting method. The Blending Component includes lessons and activities to teach students to blend letters into syllables. The Writing Component includes a guide with instructions for dictation of sounds, syllables, words and sentences.

The Estrellita K-1 program also provides an individualized management system (SIMS ) designed to accelerate each student through the process of learning the initial sounds.

To learn more about the Estrellita Accelerating Language Reading Program please visit their website at: http://estrellita.com

Learn more about the Kindergarten complete curriculum at: http://welcomeamigos.com/academics/curriculum/kindergarten


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