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Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

  • To promote parents/guardians as partners in their child’s learning process with honest and valuable communication by the teacher through newsletters, conferences and regular assessment of their children.
  • To provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum in a Spanish immersion setting for each child in all developmental areas: physical/motor, social/emotional, and cognitive/language, while introducing beginning math, reading, and writing literacy.
  • To encourage exploratory learning stimulated through play, self-selected learning experiences, dramatic play, and learning centers.
  • To encourage appropriate behavior through guidance techniques which include positive reinforcement, group and individual problem solving, redirection, logical and natural consequences, verbal expression of feelings, consistency and patience.
  • To promote appreciation of each individual child through recognition of individual strengths, areas of need, and individual learning stages; also, by encouraging creativity and by expanding the desire to learn.
  • To use child assessment data to develop and implement activities for children in their areas of need.
  • To help parents/guardians improve their parenting skills and become more responsive in meeting both the emotional and physical needs of their children.

Developmental Objectives

  • Self-Esteem & Independence: Encouraging each child’s pride in individual characteristics, families, experiences, and accomplishments and each child’s responsibility for personal care, actions and words.
  • Interaction & Cooperation: Promoting children’s social skills for diverse adult and peer relations, including listening, turn-taking, following directions, rules and routines, group participation, care for shared materials, and conflict resolution.
  • Communication: Facilitating comprehension and expression skills beginning with oral and progressing to written language.
  • Discovery & Exploration: Fostering a positive attitude toward learning through questioning, observing, and experimenting with varied materials related to diverse themes.
  • Physical Capabilities: Giving children opportunities to use their growing bodies to develop small and large motor skills and coordination.
  • Artistic Expression and Appreciation: Cultivating each child’s ability to express ideas and emotions through art, music, movement, and drama.


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