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Language Assessment

At Welcome Amigos after school program we plan a curriculum that enables children to move on to different levels by achieving skills in one before going into the next one. This is a way to engage our students and see results. Parents learn of their child progress in at parent-teacher conference and by getting a certificate of achievement and recognition twice a year (December & June).

Level Chart

Beginning: One year or less of Spanish lessons
Continuing: Two-four years of Spanish lessons
Intermediate: Can converse in Spanish (basically)
Advanced: Can converse in Spanish (fluidly)

Beginning Levels

Students are considering beginners when they fall under one of the next three categories.

  1. Listening and Absorbing
    • Being able to listen to follow directions and wait turn
    • Being able to separate from parent to pgnstrate self-participation
  2. Word Repetition
    • Repeat words on an occasional basis
    • Show interest repeating words in Spanish
    • Know basic vocabulary
  3. Spontaneously Taking
    • Talk spontaneously in complete phrases
    • Join in with no difficulty in repeating basic vocabulary words and sentences
    • Repeat words consistently

Continuing Levels

Our continuing students fall under the following three categories:

  1. Understanding the Meaning
    • Being able to understand the main idea when teacher communicates with them
    • Being able to show interest and understanding of a story from a book or play Participate by responding to basic questions
    • Imitate movements from the vocabulary introduced, songs, rhymes, character of a book and/or story
    • Show interest in finding out the meaning of words in Spanish
  2. Sentences and Questions
    • Create new sentences and questions
    • Understand what they are saying
    • Being able to put a set of vocabulary words together using at least 4 out of 5 vocabulary words in Spanish
  3. Talking in Key Phrases
    • Express their needs mostly in Spanish
    • Converse basically in Spanish using key phrases
    • Recognize the five vowels in Spanish (a, e, i, o, u) when writing and reading
    • Being able to recognize written words
    • Being able to conjugate regular verbs in present tense

Intermediate Levels

The intermediate level is one of the most challenging levels at Welcome Amigos. In order to consider a student being in the intermediate level, he/she falls under one of the following three categories.

  1. Creating Sentences
    • Apply their knowledge most of the time to converse basically in Spanish
    • Being able to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in present tense
    • Recognize the Spanish alphabet and letter sounds
  2. Talking in Phrases
    • Communicate with phrases in Spanish
    • Read 1st – 3rd grade books
    • Write basically in Spanish
    • Demonstrate knowledge of irregular verbs
  3. Asking Complete Question
    • Being able to ask complete questions in Spanish only
    • Communicate in Spanish with teacher and classmates
    • Being able to ask complete questions using different irregular and regular verbs and personal pronouns
    • Being able to conjugate verbs in past (preterit and imperfect) tenses

Advanced Levels

Our advance students fall into the next three categories:

  1. Creating Complicated/Complex Sentences
    • Create stories
    • Understand the main idea from the given articles in class
    • Write paragraphs about a given theme
    • Write their-own paragraphs
  2. Expressing Events in Present, Past and Future Carry on a conversation in different tenses (present, preterit, imperfect and future) as well as:
    • Read chapter books
    • Express actions in present, past and future tenses
  3. Expressing Events in Different Tenses
    • Be a creative storyteller
    • Write successfully a minimum of a full-page paragraph
    • Have learned the required vocabulary from a Spanish Grammar Book


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