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CURRICULUM – Preschool Abejitas (2.5 – 3 year-old) & Colibríes (3 – 4 year-old)

  • Music & Story Time: We incorporate music and movement for enjoyment and language development, and contagious joyful songs in an engaging music class. Music is often introduced with stories.
  • Visual Learning: Part of our weekly themes involves visual and hands-on approach to learning so children make better connections of the daily lessons.
  • Art, Science & Social Studies: Art and science are part of our weekly curriculum to encourage our students to express their creativity and express their ideas. Science provides children with observations, discoveries; making connections of cause and effect as children learn problem solving and language skills within a series of social studies themes.
  • Math: Age-appropriate math activities such as numbers, shapes, more or less, calendar, sorting, cooking and measuring, size recognition, and counting.
  • Writing and Reading Literacy (3 year-old Program): After a formal evaluation is given, we introduce the Get-Ready-for-School materials as a support of our handwriting curriculum.
  • Culture and Diversity Appreciation: We integrate culture and appreciation of each other into our curriculum through dramatic play, classroom activities, and family events.


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