Welcome Amigos -- Academics

Beginning:  One – Two years or less of Spanish lessons
Continuing:  Two-Four years of Spanish lessons
Intermediate:  Can converse in Spanish (basically)
Advanced: Can converse in Spanish (fluently)


Beginning Level

The students learn daily life vocabulary including days of the week, greetings, colors, numbers from one to thirty, abc’s, opposites, emotions, the family, parts of the body, classroom objects, clothing, farm animals, and some action words. Students also learn to respond to class commands such as sit down, stand up, line up, open the door, let’s go, and many others.

When the students have enough knowledge of the vocabulary mentioned above, we incorporate new vocabulary such as rooms in the house, household items, zoo animals, fruits, sports, weather, places (fire department, post office, supermarket, school, hospital, police department), professions, transportation, silverware, numbers from one to thirty, and new verbs. They also learn how to express likes and dislikes and how to ask basic questions and answer them.

During the first year of entrance to the program students learn even more beginner vocabulary including months of the year, accessories, breakfast, lunch, and dinner food, health, nature, the city, the park, the beach, the farm, the country, the party, and numbers from thirty to one hundred. They also learn to express desires (“I want”) and action words/verbs in the context of conversation using the first, second, and third person (I, you, he/she)

Continuing Level

Our students continue learning new vocabulary that includes; counting by 10’s up to 100, calendar, questions practicing a variety of verbs using the first, second, and third person (I, you (formal/informal) in present tense. They also learn to recognize singular and plural nouns, and responding to basic questions with a given number of regular verbs in present tense.

When the students are expose to the Spanish language on a more regular basis or have been attending Welcome Amigos for over two years, we encourage them to put words together to make sentences while playing and/or doing the class activities. They also learn how to conjugate regular verbs in present tense, adjectives, and counting by 100’s to 1000 naturally.

Intermediate Level

These classes are more structured than the preceding classes, but still fun. Students are expected to read and write. They learn commands, recognize numbers up to 1000, comparisons, and respond to questions using a variety of questions words (What? Where? Who? Why? When? How? How many, and how much?) They recognize numbers up to 1000, tell time, and also complete reading/comprehension exercises.

We also introduce new vocabulary such as prepositions, directions, and possessive adjectives, stem changing verbs, reflexive verbs, more irregular verbs, and higher numbers. Students are encouraged to speak Spanish using a wide range of verbs. We encourage reading and writing among with conversation in Spanish at all times.

As students move on they continue building their vocabulary and learn more verb conjugations and tenses (preterit and imperfect). The classes incorporate recognizing big number, reading, telling stories, acting, and imitating. We encourage students to express their thoughts and ideas in Spanish. They take turns every week when reading a book, choosing a game, lining up, or telling a story and other material. Students also work on making their own vocabulary books/journals.

Advanced Level

Students learn to create stories in different tenses such as preterit, imperfect, future, and subjunctive. They learn numbers up to 10,000. Students use a Spanish Grammar book to help them write and understand the grammar rules and sentence structure of the Spanish language. They are also encouraged to carry on a conversation in different tenses (present, preterit, imperfect, future, and subjunctive and have oral and written quizzes with a given set of vocabulary words monthly.



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