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Welcome Amigos Summer Camp 2018

Ages Served
Children are divided into three groups:

Preschool Ages 2-3, 4-6, 1st-3rd Grades
Our Students-Teacher Ratio is as follows:

Preschool Students ages 3 1/2 – 5 -Teachers Ratio: 6:1
Ages 2-3 – Teacher Ratio: 4:1 and K – 3rd Grade Students-Teacher Ratio: 8 – 1

Welcome Amigos offers a unique summer time experience for children from preschool ages 2 years old to 3rd grade. Students enjoy learning Spanish, gaining knowledge, exploring their interests, and developing their cognitive abilities with a series of weekly themes of inquiry while participating in enriching activities appropriate to their age.

We provide children with strategies that help them create a friendly, caring, and fun environment. Our native Spanish-speaking teachers are passionate and committed to helping each child reach his/her potential as he/she fosters a sense of belonging and feeling significant. Our small students-teacher ratio allows teachers to get to know children as unique individuals and provide them with individualized attention.

June Themes of Inquiry: June 11 – 29

La Creatividad de Narrar Historias (The Creativity of Storytelling)

Students enjoy reading and talking about their favorite stories while they use their imagination. We help them make connections in how stories bring them pleasure and develop their thinking process: how stories make us feel, learn from each other, and how to learn from them.

Session 1: June 11-15  El Arte de ser un Cuentista

Illustrating our stories through art, journals and painting.

Session 2:  June 18 -22  Cuentos, Actuación y Música

Taking the joy from stories through acting and music.

Session 3: June 25 – 29 Historias Atravez del Juego Drámatico

Fairy Tales and real life stories through dramatic play and skits.


July Themes of Inquiry: July 2 – 27

El Gozo de Viajar al Aire Libre Atravez del Juego 

(The Joy of Outdoor Traveling Through Play) 

Students expand their imagination through paseos al Aire libre (outdoor play). We create settings such as camping, making s’mores, having a picnic at the park, turning our classroom into the Safari, learning with crafts, listening to stories and play pretend to travel around the word by creating an airplane that takes us to México, Japan, and other countries of interest to students.

Session  4: July 2, 3, 5, 6 Cámping y Actividades al Aire Libre

We make tents, pillows, blankets, and all sorts of props to make our “Camping and Picnic day” to life!

Session 5: July 9 – 13 Vamos al Safari

Put their five senses into practice as they use them all to explore the Safari theme. Learn about amazing animals from small colorful birds to large elephants.

Session 6: July 16 – 20 Viajando por el Mundo – Aprecio Multicultural

Learning about places around the world and how we integrate other cultures into our community. We introduce students to join the fun with music and crafts.

Session 7: July 23 – 27 Cocina Multicultural

We put together meals from different countries. We have some guests (from Guatemala, Spain and El Salvador) to be our chef leaders  this week. We end the week by going to a local the Mexican restaurant and order en Español!


August Themes of Inquiry: July 30 – August 24

Ciencia y Cocina en Acción (Science and Cooking in Action)

This week we build a base of knowledge in science and cooking while nurturing the students’ sense of adventure, curiosity, and creativeness. All with the great bonus of learning how to think critically en Español.

Session 8 STEM: July 30 – August 3 Ciencia, Tecnología y Matemáticas 

This week we build a base of knowledge in science, math and technology as we engage students in STEM activities indoors and out. Some of the activities include:

– Build ramps to test which cars, balls, or marbles go the fastest.

– Play with water.

Session 9: August 6 – 10 Cocina Nutritiva

This week we learn important facts about nutrition, our body and how we grow strong and healthy. This class enjoys making healthy snacks such as fruit salads; vegetables roll ups, guacamole y arroz con leche.

Session 10: August 13 – 17 Ciencia en Acción  

This week is focused on learning basic science concepts by doing experiments. We allow the students to test their hypotheses and discuss the different reactions all with the great bonus of learning science concepts and practicing vocabulary en Español.

Session 11: August 20 – 24 Viajando al Espacio

Learning about outer space is fun! Join us in learning about stars, planets, and the solar system. We discuss the movement of the planets in relation to time and the seasons and talk about viajes al espacio, la luna, y los astronautas (traveling to space, the moon, and astronauts).


Weekly Session Fee
Current School Year
Morning Care
8:00 – 9:00
Half Day Session
9:00 – 12:30
Full Day Session
9:00 – 3:00
Extended Day
9:00 – 5:30
Preschool Ages 2 – 3 $70 $380 $495 $635
TK & Kindergarten Ages 4 – 6 $70 $355 $475 $615
1st to 3rd Grades $70 $355 $475 $615

Drop in Hours are available as follows:

The rate is $80 for the first 4 hours. Any additional time is $20 per hour.

Admission Policy:

  • Discount Applicable to Full Day & Extended Day Schedule: There is 10% discount applicable for Full or Extended day program if you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • Discount Applicable to Half Day Program Schedule: There is 5% discount applicable for if you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • Payment Due: Your full tuition is due within seven business days upon enrollment.
  • Updating your Camp Schedule: If you need to make any changes to your camp schedule, we accommodate your request if space allows.
  • Session 4: Fee is prorated based on the weekly session fee (this is a four days session vs. five).
  • Late pick up fee: There is a $5 late pick up fee for every five minutes that your child is picked up after his/her scheduled pick up time.

Financial Aid:
Welcome Amigos offers a discounted rate to families who require financial assistance and demonstrate financial need based on financial information that families are required to submit in conjunction with a request for tuition assistance. Priority is given to early applicants. To inquire about financial aid please email to summercamp@welcomeamigos.com




Click here for the Application Form Summer 2018  to download the form.
Please print and fill out the form and send it along with your payment
(checks should be made to Welcome Amigos) to:
Welcomes Amigos, 1737 Hamlet Street, San Mateo, 94403



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