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Welcome Amigos Summer Camp 2017

Ages Served
Children are divided into three groups:

Preschool Ages 2-3, 4-6, 1st-3rd Grades
Our Students-Teacher Ratio is as follows:

Preschool Students ages 3 1/2 – 5 -Teachers Ratio: 6:1
Ages 2-3 – Teacher Ratio: 4:1 and K – 3rd Grade Students-Teacher Ratio: 8 – 1

Welcome Amigos offers a unique summer time experience for children from preschool ages 2 years old to 3rd grade. Students enjoy learning Spanish, gaining knowledge, exploring their interests, and developing their cognitive abilities with a series of weekly themes of inquiry while participating in enriching activities appropriate to their age.

We provide children with strategies that help them create a friendly, caring, and fun environment. Our native Spanish-speaking teachers are passionate and committed to helping each child reach his/her potential as he/she fosters a sense of belonging and feeling significant. Our small students-teacher ratio allows teachers to get to know children as unique individuals and provide them with individualized attention.

Summer Camp Weekly Themes

Session 1: June 12-16: Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action) – Hands-on Experiments

This week is focused on learning basic Chemistry and Physics concepts by doing experiments with simple chemical reactions using ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and salt. We allow the students to test their hypotheses and discuss the different reactions all with the great bonus of learning science concepts and practicing vocabulary en Español.

Session 2: June 19-23: Viajando al Espacio (Traveling to Outer Space) – Solar System

Learning about outer space is fun! Join us in learning about stars, planets, and the solar system. We discuss the movement of the planets in relation to time and the seasons and talk about viajes al espacio, la luna, y los astronatas (traveling to space, the moon, and astronauts) through Spanish songs, stories and engaging class activities.

Session 3: June 26-30: (STEM) Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics Part 1

This week we build a base of knowledge in science, math and technology while nurturing the students’ sense of adventure and curiosity. One of the activities includes making a car out of recycled materials and learning about momentum and the different parts we can use to get the car moving faster or for a longer distance. We explore different questions such as; Las llantas mas grandes hacen que los carros vayan mas rápido? (Do bigger tires make my car go faster?) Qué pasa si hacemos en peso del carro más ligero? (What happens if we make the car weigh lighter?) Viajaría mas lejos? Will it travel further? All with the great bonus of learning how to think critically en Español.

Session 4: July 3-7: (STEM) Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics Part 2

Part 2 of our STEM camp includes another series of experiments. Some of the activities are building a boat and a bridge out of recycled materials to test different ways to hold and distribute weight while exploring concepts like floatation and gravity. Another topic that will be discussed is sustainability. We ask questions such as; Dónde van los desechos? (Where does waste go?) Qué significa reciclar? What does it mean to recycle? and Debemos reusar cierto material? Should we reuse certain materials? all en Español.

Session 5: July 10-14: Deportes (Sports)

Time to come together and work as a team! Teamwork builds character and self-esteem. Communication is also essential for the success of a team. Through play and organized sports such as soccer and basketball, students gain confidence in communicating with each other all while learning new Spanish vocabulary.

Session 6: July 17 – 21 Arte Creativo (Creative art) 

Let your child’s imagination and creativity take over as they learn Spanish while exploring art. Teachers help guide the class and present diverse materials to create each child’s work of art. At the end of the week we have an art show where parents are invited to see all the pieces of art that our students have made.

Session 7: July 24-28 Exploradores de la Jungla (Jungle Explorers)

Vamos a la Jungla! Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! Have you ever wondered how fast a cheetah runs? or what bears eat? How about the length of a jungle snake? Join us this week to learn some awesome facts and fun stories about animals in the jungle. Join us as we convert our classrooms into a jungle and go on an exploration to discover new creatures.

Session 8: July 31-Aug 4 Cocina Nutritiva (Heathly Cooking)

This week we learn important facts about nutrition, our body and how we grow strong and healthy. This class enjoys making healthy snacks such as fruit salads; vegetables roll ups, guacamole y arroz con leche. Join our cooking crew!

Session 9: Aug 7-11 El Circo (The Circus)

We are looking for circus performers, magicians, and children who want to have fun this summer. We learn magic tricks, how to bean bag toss, pin the nose on the clown, and of course how to balance and do somersaults. In addition, students experience hands on math and science at the “circus.” For example, we talk about balloons and weight and how different objects weigh differently.We also do talent shows throughout the week. You can’t miss the show at el Circo! Te esperamos!

Session 10: Aug 14-18 Música y Cuentos (Music and Stories)

Students get the chance to fall in love with the Spanish language through music. We have a great week planned, be ready to sing and dance with the accompaniment of some musical instruments. Throughout the week we incorporate fun and exciting stories each day where the students help our teachers make sound effects for each story.

Session 11: Aug 21-25 Juego Dramático (Dramatic play / Theater & Puppet Shows) 

Who doesn’t love pretend play? This week is all about putting on a show! Acting is a wonderful way to develop language skills in Spanish. Students stretch their imagination and express themselves through fun acting games and creative movement. It is the perfect camp for children to develop their creativity while developing their language skills en Español!

Session 12 Aug 28-Sept 1 Debajo del Mar (Under the sea)

Did you know that about 70% of earth is made of water! That’s a lot for us to explore, imagine all the sea life! We learn about the different types of fish, whales, turtles and other sea life under the ocean. On Friday we have a special treat and watch a bit of the classic film “Finding Nemo” in Spanish while enjoying some goldfish for snack.

Weekly Traditional Camp Activities:

Every Wednesday: We have a soccer class and a picnic at the park.

Fun Friday: We have water games. We play-pretend to sell popcorn and homemade popsicles en El Puesto de Limonadas (Lemonade Stand)

Interested in Twice or Three Times a Week Spanish Immersion Camp Program? We offer a weekly and Saturday fun camp Spanish immersion program this summer!

Click here for more information.

Weekly Session Fee
Current School Year
Morning Care
8:00 – 9:00
Half Day Session
9:00 – 12:30
Full Day Session
9:00 – 3:00
Extended Day
9:00 – 5:30
Preschool Ages 2 – 3 $70 $380 $495 $635
TK & Kindergarten Ages 4 – 6 $70 $355 $475 $615
1st to 3rd Grades $70 $355 $475 $615

Admission Policy:

  • Payment Due: Your full tuition is due within seven business days upon enrollment.
  • Updating your Camp Schedule: If you need to make any changes to your camp schedule, we accommodate your request if space allows.
  • Session 4: Fee is prorated based on the weekly session fee (this is a four days session vs. five).
  • Late pick up fee: There is a $5 late pick up fee for every five minutes that your child is picked up after his/her scheduled pick up time.

Financial Aid:
Welcome Amigos offers a discounted rate to families who require financial assistance and demonstrate financial need based on financial information that families are required to submit in conjunction with a request for tuition assistance. Priority is given to early applicants. To inquire about financial aid please email to summercamp@welcomeamigos.com




Click here for the Application Form Summer 2017  to download the form.
Please print and fill out the form and send it along with your payment
(checks should be made to Welcome Amigos) to:
Welcomes Amigos, 1737 Hamlet Street, San Mateo, 94403



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